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Vaiteani is from French Polynesia. She was born and raised in Tahiti. She starts learning the piano at the age of 9 and, during her studies in France, tries her hand at playing the guitar as an autodidact.

Soon, she composes, writes and interprets her own songs. Her writing style is straighforward and sharp, barely qualified but always poetic. She talks about her life as a woman and about life around her. Her universe, intimate, echoes the Northern-American folk songs. It is also influenced by the Soul, the Rnb as well as the World music from which she seems to drag the timeless aspect of her melodies. Her singing is tinged with disillusionment and melancholy. People get moved by the peculiar tone of her voice while her songs bring us all to some hidden place where we can indulge in our most burried emotions.


Luc is a multi-instrumentalist. His endless curiosity led him to explore the different shapes of cultural and musical melting-pots. From Gregorian chant to African, Soul, Reggae or Anatolian music, every project that he runs is an original adventure. The strings (guitar, bass, lute) and the percussions (udu, balafo, kalimba) that he uses on stage bring life to your senses and enlight your emotions.


Together, Vaiteani and Luc have created an unique musical universe. Winner of the musical contest "9 Semaines et 1 jour" presided over by the acclaimed French artist Laurent VOULZY, Vaiteani appears on the great stage of the annual Festival of "Les Francofolies de La Rochelle" in France in front of more than 10.000 people. Warmly encouraged by the French singer, the duo is currently carrying on with writing and composing the songs of their first album. 

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